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 Outdoor Madness tournament

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Post Whore
Post Whore

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PostSubject: Outdoor Madness tournament   Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:15 pm

***Copied message from***

Posted by Bear:

OK, here is the next battle.

This is a simple battle, no points, no assigned teams, this is just for fun.

Rules are simple:
No taking bases.
When you spawn you must go outside right away.
No Glitching
No tanks
No Specials

Be any class you want to be.
TD will be "OFF"

The maps will be:

1. Hoth
2. Geonosis
3. Polis Massa
4. Mos Eisley (Base 5 ONLY)

Date/Time: March 20th 6pm est

There are 18 open spots, if you would like to play please sign up here.

Current Roster:

Check the orginal message for contact info on or contact Bear at the AOD website

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Outdoor Madness tournament
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