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** This is the Final Month of SWBFII online-multiplayer!! ** 

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 Wow, what a difference a mod makes.

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PostSubject: Wow, what a difference a mod makes.   Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:51 am

In just 4 days after the number of points required to unlock the special classes were doubled, the Official Area has finally surpassed the Official Server in the GameTracker rankings and is once again the top ranked PS2 server in the world. If you look at the stat's the change is astounding.



Now I see official will sit empty while the Arena is full when previously it was the other way around.

cheers Kudos to Sho'Nuff for modding and maintaining the server and to the admin's for maintaining order and keeping the glitchers and griefers in check.


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Wow, what a difference a mod makes.
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